With Megan and I living across the country from our family and close friends we thought we would let everyone know how to send Eli and us gifts or thoughts.

Baby Registry Info

We have setup a virtual baby registry at BabyList.com. As you can see from the list most items can be found on Amazon but some are linked to manufacture or other stores’ websites. https://www.babylist.com/eli-river-evans

This registry is pretty easy to use but to help people with registry I thought I would write up a few comments on how to reserve and purchase off the list.

On the registry you will see a green button next to each item when you click on that button you will receive a popup that will give you a few options, this is the only way to mark an item as purchased or reserved through the system(especially for items not sold by babylist):

Reserve & Keep Shopping – This means it will be marked as reserved so no one else grabs it up and places the item in the babylist shopping cart. If the item is on another website when you go to the cart you will need to checkout on the other website and then return to your babylist cart and click the “I’ve purchased this” link for each item you purchased.

Reserve & Checkout – Does the same as above except takes you straight to the babylist cart.

I’ve Purchased This – which will mark it as purchased and ask you where you bought it from and for other order information if you would like to provide it.

If you want to check out each item before reserving click on the Business name below the item name. Below is a screenshot of the registry and some of the areas you can click.


If you have any issues or concerns with using the BabyList registry please let myself or Gina know.

Baby Shower Info

At this time there is not a Mom Baby Shower planned due to schedules and us being so far from most of the family and friends.

There is a Dad Shower that my amazing mother Gina with the help of the Evans cousins are putting on for me to include close family members scheduled for September. If you do not get an invite please do not think it was because we didn’t want you to come it was more due to limited size of where we are having the shower.

Since some of our family and friends are scattered even further across the globe we thought it would be more appropriate in today’s digital world to have gifts sent to us directly and speak with each person individually via phone/video chat. As people mail things out to us we will try to do a video call of us opening the gift or a phone call personally thanking each person for their generosity.

If things change between now and the due date we will update everyone here on the website.

By no means do you have to or need to send something for Eli or us, trust me when I say that the Grandparents of this little guy have already gone above and beyond and will continue to do so for the rest of his life. This kid will not want or need for anything as the recent visit from Gina and Nanny as indicated(a car load across the country completely full of things just for Eli, I remember when it used to be car loads of stuff for me and Megan…)