Our family website and blog is live! We have built this site to help keep our family and friends across the globe to stay up-to-date with everyone.

Preparing and moving across the country was an extremely big ontaking but we managed to do it and are coming up on our 2 year move anniversary. With a baby on the way we felt it was time to put up something for everyone to read about our grand adventures.

We are not sure how often we will update the blog. We will continue to post photos and updates on social media, but we wanted a central location for everyone to visit. Before little Eli is here we will do our best to update frequently. As everyone that has kids knows Eli will become our world and there may not be as much time as we had before to update this site at the same pace. Once we get back into a routine after he arrives we will be sure to update everyone with all our crazy adventures and exploring we plan to do with the little dude.

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